Within Takayama

Takayama Station and the adjacent Takayama Hida Bus Center are located about a fifteen minute walk from Takayama's famous old town on the opposite side of Miyagawa River. Most of Takayama's attractions are within easy walking distance in the city center, except the Hida no Sato open air museum, which can be accessed in a 30-40 minute walk, a 10 minute bus ride or 8 minute taxi ride from Takayama Station. Nohi bus operates loop-line bus to connect many of the city's tourist attractions every 60 minutes (100 yen  200 yen per ride). A value-added tickets are also available.
Unlimited rides for one-day pass: Adult 600 yen/ Child 300 yen
Unlimited rides for two-day pass: Adult 1,000 yen/ Child 500 yen



Japanese guided tours on rickshaws (jinrikisha) are available around the old town and government house (jinya). A 30 minute tour for two persons costs 5000 yen. Shorter and longer courses for up to three persons per rickshaw are also available.




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