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Kamikochi is located in the s-shaped 14Km valley bottom along Azusa-gawa River. It is 1,500m above sea level, surrounded by Mt. Yake-dake, the Hodaka Mountain Range, Mt. Roppyaku-zan, and Mt. Kasumizawa-dake. There is the Kappa Bridge, which is well known in Ryusuke Akutagawa’s novel.



Shin Hodaka Ropeway

This is the gateway to Mt. Nishi shinhotaka-dake from Gifu Prefecture. There are two ropeways, the second is known as Japan’s first double structured gondola.




This is a mountainous village upstream of Sho-gawa River, northwest of Gifu Prefecture. The area is famous for a traditional house with a steep thatched rafter roof, in which a large family used to live. This area was registered as World Heritage, along with Mt. Goka-yama in neighboring Toyama Prefecture, on 9, December in 1995.




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