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Depending on a hot spring’s location and source, it contains various components, such as carbon dioxide, salt, sodium bicarbonate, iron, sulfur, and radon (radioactivity). Therapeutic hot springs are classified by their major components, and it is medically proven that each component is effective for many illnesses. Medical benefits of hot springs can be gained not only by taking a bath, but also by drinking the water.



Manners to enjoy hot springs in Japan

To enjoy Japanese hot spring culture, you need to be aware of some manners to not disturb others. Here are some general manners:

1.Take off all your clothes at a changing room, and put them in a clothes basket, or a locker.

2. Wash your body before taking a bath

  * ●To get your body used to the hot spring temperature, pour the water on you from your foot to your chest.
  * ●Do not wash your body while standing.
  * ●As a courtesy, place stools and wash bowls where they belong.

3. Take some hot water with a bucket from the bath tub, and pour it on your body. This is called “Kakeyu”. Then get into the bath tub slowly.

4.Do not soak your towel in the hot spring.

5.Wipe your body well before going back to the changing room.

●Drink more than a glass of water after taking a bath. Your body is dehydrated because of sweating, which causes a rise in blood viscosity.




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