In Ryokan, guest rooms are usually Japanese-style, and two or more guests stay in a room. Ryokan is accommodation that has an appearance of a Japanese-style building, and is relatively small in size, and has a large sized communal bath. Some high-grade Ryokan have guest rooms with a private open-air bath. Yukata (Japanese bathrobes) are placed in guest rooms for the guests staying in Ryokan. You may wear Yukata in or outside of Ryokan. This differs from a hotel where wearing appropriate attire is required once you step out of your room. Often, Okami, who is a female manager in Ryokan, plays a very important role in providing services to guests, and in business management. Okami usually wears Japanese-style outfit (Kimono) when attending guests. In high-grade or tradition-minded Ryokan, Nakai, who are female attendants, are in charge of attending guests in each guest room. Nakai often wear Japanese-style outfit (Kimono) just like Okami. Usually, meals are included in room charge. And mostly, both dinner and breakfast are included.


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